Creating Vibrant Office Spaces with Skylights and Natural Daylight

Two hundred modules of the VELUX Modular Skylight system were installed as part of an innovative lighting and ventilation strategy led by BAM Construction and AHR Architects for the Ministry of Defence’s new UK Hydrographic Office. Modularised and prefabricated, the modular skylights simplified a complex specification for natural daylight, first-class ventilation, and modern aesthetics in a central atrium area at the heart of the new development.

BAM Construction were appointed as the main contractor for the UK Hydrographic Office back in 2016 and worked with AHR Architects to build this 11,000 square foot office space which would support the new, digital-first vision of the UK Hydrographic Office. The project incorporated the development of multiple office spaces with a central atrium area where employees can collaborate, relax, and communicate with one another.

Minimising the building’s energy use for both lighting and temperature regulation was also a key concern, which led to the VELUX Modular Skylight system being agreed as the most suitable product for this specification. 

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Im Projekt verwendete Produkte

1 x Atrium-Lichtband


Mehrere Reihen von Tageslicht-Modulen, die zu einem großen Glasdach kombiniert werden können.

Darstellung der Atrium-Lichtband-Lösung Mehr erfahren

Anzahl der Module: 200


Mehrere Reihen von Tageslicht-Modulen, die zu einem großen Glasdach kombiniert werden können.

Darstellung der Atrium-Lichtband-Lösung Mehr erfahren

Adam Spall

Regional Director at AHR Architects

One of the challenges on this building was that it had a very tight programme with a high specification. Prefabrication and modularisation were really essential to that. The concrete beams that the roof lights sit on were all fabricated off-site, along with the timber baffles, steelwork, and timber cladding that hooked onto it. The roof lights themselves were then installed from above with safety nets, meaning we didn’t need to scaffold the atrium and avoided many of the complications we might otherwise have experienced on site.

Dermot Parkinson

Project Manager for the UK Hydrographic Office at BAM Construction

VELUX have a tried-and-tested range of skylights which are well designed and provide a robust solution for bringing in that natural light; this has been demonstrated across a range of previous projects.

Saving Time and Money with Prefabricated Modular Skylights

As with all building projects, timing and scheduling were key. VELUX modular skylights were installed by Daylight Solutions. Having worked with VELUX since 2014, the organisation came equipped with a clear understanding of VELUX’s product range and how to install them efficiently.

Indeed, thanks to both the expertise of Daylight Solutions and the simplicity of the VELUX Modular Skylight system, the project was able to progress quickly and efficiently without any real complications or costly delays. Delivered on time and to specification, the units were then lifted onto the roof and installed within a mere five days.

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